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Mark, alias Markiplier, is a YouTuber growing in prominence. This is a fan-run blog ( run by the lovely EmilyIsBach), but you can follow Mark directly through other social media below.

Frequently Asked Questions: Check Here First!

Hello, hello! We imagine you have a lot of questions, but for some basic information and the like, we want you to flip through this first. If you don’t see what you want to know, ask away!

Note: This is a fan-run blog. We are not Mark, nor have we ever been. We only know so much. Feel free to ask, but we might not know!


Where does Markiplier’s name come from?

It’s the combination of “Mark” (his name) and “Multiplier”.


Okay, so does Mark wear glasses or not?

Yes/no. He does, and he will wear them if he’s livestreaming and has to stare at the screen, but otherwise it’s contacts. A monocle has been suggested, but that has yet to come to fruition.


Will Mark play horror games on Livestream?



Is Mark excited for Machine of Pigs??

Yes! Go watch it on his channel now!


Favorite food?

Chicken and dumplings.


Where does Mark live?

Los Angeles


Favorite color?



Favorite movie?

Terminator II.


How old is Mark?

Currently, 24. His birthday is June 28th.


Livestreaming? What’s that?

Mark livestreams over on Twitch.tv (link found in sidebar!). He had a semi-regular schedule over the summer, although being in school limits that. Charity livestreams happen once a month. It will be announced on YouTube, Facebook and Tumblr when he does.


Is Mark Asian?

Ding ding ding, we have a winner. He’s half Korean, half German.

Does he speak anything other than English?

No, heavens no. If you watch some of the Drunk Minecraft series, he attempts Spanish. It doesn’t end well.



No, no he does not. He is, however, taking applications (resume and photos) at markiplier@gmail.com. Bob and Wade, however, are off the market.

So what does Mark do when he’s not doing videos?

He’s a senior Biomedical Engineering student, although in his 10,000 subscriber video, he said he wanted to do videos for forever, so who knows… He’s only in school part-time now, rumor has it…

How tall is Mark?

5’ 10”. Verified by mods.


What computer does Mark use?

Case: Antec Performance PXXX series.
Motherboard: Asus Sabertooth X79
CPU: Intel i7-4960X Extreme Edition
Cooler 1: Corsair Hydro Series Extreme Performance Liquid CPU Cooler H80i
Cooler(s) 2: Corsair Air Series SP120 High Performance Edition Twin Pack Fan
Graphics Card: Geforce GTX 780 TI
Battery: Corsair TX750M
RAM: Patriot Extreme Performance 32DDR3 2133
SSD: Samsung Electronics 840 Pro Series 512GB
Hard Drive: x2 4TB Hard Drive
OS: Windows 8.1


What does he use for his headphones, webcam and mic?

Logitech Wireless Marathon Mouse w/ Accessories [SteelSeries QcK Gaming Mouse Pad]

Headphones For All Computers: Sennheiser HD 558 Headphones w/ Accessories (CASEBUDi Headphone Case - Large)

Headphones For All Computers (Online Multiplayer): Tritton Pro+ True 5.1 Surround Headset

Headphones For All Computers (Back Up Headphones): Sennheiser HD428 Closed Circumaural Hi-Fi Headphone


What does he use to record the videos?

Usually FRAPS to capture the video and Adobe Premier to edit the videos afterwards. Confirmed by Mark in the Polaris “Manly AMA”.


What’s his favorite game of all time?

Magic Carpet II, by Bullfrog Studios. Came out in 1995. He thinks it’s the first game that taught him what’s possible in a computer game.


What are his favorite drinks?

  • Non-alcoholic: Water.
  • Alcoholic (on a budget): Texas tea (Long Island Tea + Whiskey)
  • Alcoholic (for taste): Amaretto Sour


Favorite Amnesia Custom Story?

Things in the Night (so far).


San Diego Comic Con?

Attended in 2012, 2013, 2014, and maybe 2015!

He also attended PAX Prime in 2013.


I love his voice. Will he do voice acting?

Yes! He has worked on some projects that are being developed and slowly released. He hopes into break into the professional voice acting scene.


What’s the most pants-wettingly scary game so far?

Amnesia, for the amount that he’s played. (Indicated by the shrieks!) And YES there is a Amnesia sequel coming out in 2013, hopefully.


Does Mark have a job?

Not at the moment. Although he’s said he’s previously worked as a bartender. Well, he is a YouTube partner so that is pretty much a full-time job now.


Does Mark like getting high? …I know a guy.

No. No he does not.


Where can I find the full version of the dubstep outro song?

Right here! It’s a mix made by the talented sukuninja!

Can I send him fanmail?

Well, you could at one point (he had a Ohio PO box) but since moving to LA, he hasn’t provided a new address!


He hasn’t responded to my messages! What do?!

He doesn’t respond to Facebook/YouTube messages due to the sheer volume. (Emails are quickly getting to that point!) He tweets a lot - find him at @markiplier!


Can I have the server IP?!

It’s the Vox Populi server run by Zombiemold, check the description in various Minecraft videos!


Did MarkiplierTV ever come to fruition?

Not yet - Mark & Wade’s plans have diverged a bit, but we can continue to hope! He hinted at its return in a recent livestream though!


Why did Mark cry in that one video??

It was our fan video :)



It’s back! Season 2 is underway!


I heard Mark was on his local news, is that true?

Yes sir/ma’am! It can be found here.


Should I ask the mods of this Tumblr questions regarding details of Mark’s life only he would know?

No - we are not Mark, sorry!


Should I send these mods my phone number?

No - stranger danger, dude.


Who the hell are Bob and Wade??

Bob is Mark’s old roommate, and Wade has been Mark’s friend since middle school. There are some rockin’ pics of Mark and Wade way back when. I’ll try to find them.


Vanish on the Oculus Rift anytime soon?

Soon…” - Markiplier 9/17/13


"If you met me in person, would you object if I introduced myself and then asked for a hug?" -user Sciencek

Hug away!” - Markiplier 9/17/13


Is Mark a fan of anyone on YouTube?

Cry, Egoraptor and the JonTron show! Watch Polaris panels with him from PAX!


Would Mark be my BFF?

I’m BFF with each and every one of my subscribers. Because I owe everything that I am to my subscribers.” - Markiplier 9/17/13


Wait, I have more questions?! What do I do??

Hit the “MESSAGE” link over on the sidebar. I’m sure that we can all come up with an answer.

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